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bssm_battle's Journal

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Battle Arena
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A tournament-style icon competition for the Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon manga.

This is a tournament icon contest for the manga and anime series Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. Members will assume the alter-ego of a BSSM character and be made to battle others for the opportunity to advance on to more difficult challenges and a shot at being crowned the Battle Champion.
The usual icontest is a generic assembly of icons with three winning placements. Battling is different from this because it uses a tournament-style form of competition that results in a single winner at the end of four rounds. To learn the details visit the FAQ.
Official BSSM resources only.
Icons must be fresh; made specifically for these challenges.
Icons must be of your original creation; do not copy others' icon work/format, using tutorials or otherwise
Icons may not be made public until battle results are posted. Use anonymous image hosting sites.
Icons must meet LJ requirements and be a valid file type (100x100 maximum, 40kb maximum).
No animation.
Icons must be posted with IMG SRC, URL, and the character identity you are competing under.
No Lazy Lurkers Policy: we don't tolerate lazy lurkers. If you don't contribute by voting or submitting icons, your membership will be terminated.
Do not hotlink or redistribute any graphics contained in this community.
Graphics taken from this community with permission must be given explicit credit to its creator.
You may not demonstrate rudeness, bad sportsmanship, or self-depreciation.
Cheating earns an instant ban and disqualifies all previous wins.
Do not compromise your character identity at any time for any reason.