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20 July 2008 @ 11:12 am
Battle 16 : Round 3 : Voting  


Thank you for taking the time to vote. The decisions you are about to make will heavily influence who goes on the Round 4, the Final Round. So please, grant yourself plenty of time to view all icons carefully and objectively.

VOTING: Guidelines
■ This is not a LIMS--comments and criticism is not permitted.
■ You are asked to judge icons in an objective manner. Being objective means appraising these icons without personal bias and prejudice. Do not simply choose icons based on their aesthetic value; instead consider the technical talent involved: cropping, composition, color, typography.
■ Do not vote for icons based on who you think made the icon, whether it be the actual icon-maker or the character identity.
All challengers are expected to vote, excluding their own match.

■ Vote for the one icon in each set.
Vote for the icon you feel was the LEAST successful in executing the challenge.
■ Vote for every set. Exception: if you are a current challenger, simply label your set as your character name but vote in all others. Example:
#001 : A
#002 : Sailormoon
■ Do not vote more than once.
■ Do not reveal your character identity in order to obtain votes. Your character identity must be kept secret until you are either eliminated or the Battle ends.

VOTING: Ballot
For your convenience, copy and paste the following box of code when you are ready to vote. Simply delete the portion you do not agree with, for example, turning "#001: A or B" to "#001 : B", thus making B your choice for least favorite.

voting deadline is TONIGHT, July 20th

#001 A #001 B

#002 C #002 D

PLEASE READ: For those of you who are not aware, mizugazipan is undegoing some changes and will soon be turned into a community. All communites that are modded by mizugazipan will be transferred to psycophant. This is the same person, so don't be alarmed when these changes go into affect this week. Thank you. :3
mizugazipan on July 21st, 2008 05:56 am (UTC)
Voting is closed; any ballots that appear below this comment will not be counted.